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The Great Upheaval: Mapping of Calvino’s World


The Art Exhibition opened at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand on Friday 4th December 2020.


Edward Casagrande’s work inspired by his work on the cover for Dance Me to the End of Time started when our mutual friend Tito Haggardt noted that Edward had created a creative body of work. This wasn’t another cover design project. Edward was no ordinary cover designer. He’s been an artist his whole life. Design the cover, was his ‘cover’ for an artistic adventure. He set out without a compass or map an expedition into the labyrinth, mapping the future world of post-climate change Bangkok. His head poked to the surface of a future Bangkok where he witnessed the strange new city, novel lifestyle, and forever altered behavior that emerged after the Great Upheaval swept away the old ways and institutions. 


Edward’s The Great Upheaval: Mapping of Calvino’s World is the result of Edward’s deep dive into a series of striking images of the terrain of this unknown place.


Seventeen prints—Edward defines them as Stations—document his struggle to visualize what lies ahead. The images take you on an Ithaca-like journey to a mysterious destination in the future explored in Dance Me to the End of Time.


As an artist, Edward strives to make sense of how climate change will impact Bangkok and the lives of its people. The exhibition invites you to enter the realm of Dante, Don Quixote, M.C. Escher, and Kurt Friedrich Gödel. A mythical, biblical, mathematical, seductive and elusive series of artistic objects. Bring your courage, strength and imagination with you as you will need it to explore this novel dreamscape of the future.


We also have a link to Edward Casagrande’s talk on the meaning and context of each print. There is also a link to my presentation on the opening night of the exhibition.

We will announce the location, date and time of exhibitions of Mapping Calvino. You can find information about an Exhibition from this page.

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