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What critics about Christopher G. Moore


“There may be no Canadian novelist writing in English today who is as little known at home and as popular overseas as Christopher Moore.”


“Moore set the parameters of the Asian noir world, one where law is meaningless and power lies with the rich and ruthless.”

“There may be no Canadian novelist writing in English today who is as little known at home and as popular overseas as Christopher Moore.”

“Moore’s a real writer and one to watch.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“The Hemingway of Bangkok.”
The Globe and Mail“

“Think Dashiell Hammett in Bangkok.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Moore might be described as W. Somerset Maugham with a bit of Elmore Leonard and Mickey Spillane thrown in for good measure.”
The Japan Times

“The most important recreator of Thailand for a Western audience.”
Vancouver Sun

“A brilliant storyteller and a masterful character inventor.” (Germany)

“Christopher G. Moore is among the most important authors who bring foreign crime fiction into Germany. [His detective stories] are brilliant.”
Krimitipps (Germany)

“Moore’s noir thrillers and literary fiction—like Graham Greene, he alternates between ‘entertainment’ and serious novels—are subtle and compelling evocations of a part of the world rarely seen through our eyes.”

“Moore is an idealist and a lone warrior who doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty.... Those who have travelled to Southeast Asia will be captivated by his ability to recreate the atmosphere.”
Le Parisien

“If you read only one expat writer for a flavour of Southeast Asia, read Christopher G. Moore.”
The Daily Yomiuri

“Moore’s work doesn’t flinch from cultural detail or complex social analysis. He takes chances, lots of them.”
International Herald Tribune

“Christopher G. Moore has long been a big name in crime for his Vincent Calvino books, based on the exploits of an American private eye in Thailand's seedy underbelly.”
Jonathan Gibbs, The Independent

“Moore is a marvelous and inventive writer who is able to combine literary merit with good old genre fiction.”
Georgia Straight

“Moore is a rare writer who is able to meticulously dramatize the complex wiring of the human condition and simultaneously reveal the geopolitical undercurrents while maintaining a skillful control of his stories. Moore is a true connoisseur of Southeast Asia, a man of experience beyond the narrow bounds of culture.”
Thriller Magazine (Italy)

“Moore’s work recalls the international ‘entertainments’ of Graham Greene or John le Carré, but the hard-bitten worldview and the cynical, bruised idealism of his battered hero is right out of Chandler. Intelligent and articulate.”
—Kevin Burton Smith, January Magazine

“[Moore’s] writing recalls the gritty noir of Chandler and the intrigue of le Carré with a dry humour thrown in.”
—Chris Bilkey, Crime Buzz

“Moore is a stylist much like the writers of the early to mid-20th century who kick-started the P.I. genre in America. He writes with the angry and sad voice of Ross Macdonald and the flow of and beauty of Raymond Chandler. Penning his books in the third-person, he uses allegory and symbolism to great effect.”
—Cameron Hughes, The Rap Sheet

“Moore is a genuine novelist who just happens to employ the conventions of the thriller genre, that his real interests are believable human behaviour and way cultures cross-pollinate and sometimes clash. This is real prose, not Raymond Chandler stuff, and his motives are as close to art as they are to entertainment. Read him.”
—Douglas Fetherling, Ottawa Citizen

“If there’s a new book by Christopher G. Moore, the Bangkok-based Canadian author, I’ll read that, particularly if it’s a Calvino private eye one.”
—Peter Stark, Quarterly Review

“It’s easy to see why Moore’s books are popular: While seasoned with a spicy mixture of humor and realism, they stand out as model studies in East-West encounters, as satisfying for their cultural insights as they are for their hardboiled action.”
—Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times

“Moore is an old hand at teasing out strange, marginal characters, and bringing them to life with his consummate, compulsive story-telling.”
Project Eyeball (Singapore)

“Moore captures the bewitching spirit and rice-cooker passions of ?Southeast Asia.”
The National Post

“One of Moore’s greatest strengths ... is his knowledge of Southeast Asian history.”

“Moore’s flashy style successfully captures the dizzying contradictions in [Bangkok’s] vertiginous landscape.”
—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

“Acclaimed as one of the best contemporary foreign writers in Thailand.”
Thailand Tatler

“Not only is Bangkok-based author Christopher Moore one of the most prolific novelists in town, he’s also one of most read.”
The Nation

“What is outstanding in the works of Christopher G. Moore is his in-depth comprehension of what psychiatrist Carl Jung labeled the collective unconscious, as it applies to Thai motivation, thinking and action. Moore understands the Thais better than many understand themselves.”
Bangkok Post

“Christopher G Moore comprehends the local mindset as well as the Thais themselves, perhaps even more so for he tirelessly analyses their mores, beliefs, superstitions, attitudes, actions.... Moore is putting Thailand on the map.”
—Bernard Trink, Bangkok Post

“Southeast Asia’s master novelist, with his refined word play, persuasively holds a believable world in place.... He connects readers with what is universally true in their relationships.... We need a novelist of Moore's quality ... to interpret [Thailand] to us.”
—Richard Ravensdale, Pattaya Trader

“To paraphrase Graham Greene in another context, Moore is our man in Bangkok.”
Bangkok Post

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