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Brief Synopsis


Dance Me to the End of Time,

A Vincent Calvino Crime Novel #17 (Series finale)


Publication Date: January 2020

Dance Me to the End of Time is like no other Calvino novels before it. One, it is the Vincent Calvino series finale. Two, it is takes place in the future.


In Dance Me to the End of Time, Calvino has returneds to Bangkok after a long stay hiatus in New York. Forever ageless, Calvino takes us We are in decades into the future Bangkok—in first person. Most of civilization has entered the Great Upheaval. A time of collapse and derangement. An AI named Henrietta is in the background, pulling strings. The Chinese have built a theme park in Khlong Toey called Silk & Belt, imported Big Ben along with an entire Cotswolds’ village. The centerpiece is the world's largest Ferris wheel.


Two matters of note: Dance will be the 17th and last book in the Vincent Calvino series. And this is the only book in the series with Vincent Calvino appearing in the first person.


In his final case Calvino goes on a searches for a missing person in a broken battered society Bangkok where missing has become the norm. It’s easy to get lost when t. The city overflows is flooded with climate migrants. Resources are stretched beyond limits. The population has aged. The percentage of children population has plunged to a single-digit percentage.


The old and young have joined either Science or Religious Guild. The old social and economic system of what was once a vibrant city is in freefall. The, its political system has hit the bottom of a sinkhole. The old and young have joined either Science andor Religious Guilds have replaced temples and spirit houses as places of worship. Calvino and Pratt find themselves as principal iInvestigators into a missing person case that draws them into the conflict between warring factions.

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