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The Artist behind the Mapping Calvino Stations

Edward Casagrande


  • Edward received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS-Arch) from the University of Cincinnati (Ohio) College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). Edward also minored in Archeology, and Anthropology. His career in the arts, over four decades, has been driven by these disciplines. (The three A’s) (1984)

  • Architectural design consultant. (1984- 1994)

  • Launched “Earth Orchestra Inc.” a design, sculpture, art, and public events studio ( 1994 -2001.)

  • Strategically aligned with a major, environmental/ wellness/ beauty/ lifestyle corporation in the capacity of designer, sculptor, product development, marketing and branding. (2001- 2004)

  • Re-launched the sculpture/design studio “Earth Orchestra, Inc.”... public, private, corporate commissions (2004 – 2011)

  • Founded a sculptural/mythmaking/salon to unify and celebrate decades of work and studies submerged in the disciplines of Architecture, Archeology, and Anthropology resulting in explorations into the collisions of the built environment, culture, the larger notions of ritual, place and belonging. “The Humanity Machine LLC” (2011- present)

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