• Christopher G. Moore


Glad to report that Zero Hour in Phnom Penh has been released in B-Format by Heaven Lake Press has been released. Third in the Vincent Calvino crime series, Zero Hour in Phnom Penh has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Thai and Spanish. Zero Hour in Phnom Penh also won the German Critics Award (2004), the Premier Special Director’s Award Semana Negra (Spain) (2007)

A Bangkok based private detective, Vincent Calvino, takes a case in Cambodia at the end of the devastating civil war. In the early 1990s, UN peacekeeping forces try to keep the lid on the violence. Gunfire is heard nightly in Phnom Penh, where Vietnamese prostitutes ply their trade among UN peacekeepers from the balcony of the Lido Bar.

Calvino traces a missing farang, through the Russian market, hospitals, nightclubs, news briefings, and UNTAC Headquarters. Calvino’s buddy, Colonel Pratt, knows something that Calvino does not: the missing man is connected with a cache of jewels stolen from the Saudi royal family. Calvino discovers that he is not the only one looking for the missing farang and that murderous forces of evil continue to swirl in the alleyways of Phnom Penh.

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