• Christopher G. Moore


Writers, by their nature, observe, notice, and process life. That is the conventional view. But what happens when the accelerated is pressed to the floorboard, and life becomes a blur. How well can we observe and make sense of the jumbled motion?

Life in Bangkok flies by at warp speed. One sanctuary is a park off Sukhumvit Road. A place of peace and contemplation located deep inside the boiling pot of daily distractions. Everyone is looking for meaning and most are looking for it in the wrong place. The destination isn’t so much a place for the state of mind a place creates.

I came across this group at Benjasin Park. It was nearly dusk. I had a dinner appointment. But I surprised myself by stopping and parking myself on the park bench. As the light faded, I watched their grace of movement; something in the scene made me think about my unmindful state as I drift through the day. No more aware than a cloud, incapable of experiencing and processing what I am doing as I do it. Instead, my distracted mind runs fragments as if a half dozen movies are playing on the same screen.

Just watching the movement of these people, listening to the music, was enough to bring back an awareness of how much I give up by rushing through life as if there is a prize for crossing the finish line first. The ten minutes reconnected me to myself.

Have you thought of spending ten minutes to reconnect with yourself?

Think about it.

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