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What’s in a name?

Someone has come up with a clever idea to allow you to search your first and last name to see how many people in the United States share your name. The site is called How Many of Me

Here are some Bangkok names that many people know and the number of people in the States that share the name: US Ambassador Ralph Boyce (51); William Warren (2,470); Bernard Trink (0); Stephen Leather (2); Jim Eckhart (1); John Hail (55); John Burdett (106); Jim Newport (4).

And as for other famous people: Martin Amis (2); Margaret Atwood (81); Samuel Beckett (2); Charles Dickens (83); William Shakespeare (19); Charles Darwin (23) and Joseph Heller (190) and Ernest Hemingway (5).

There are 4,857 people in the United States with the name Christopher Moore. Now if only each of them would buy two of my books.

(link: The Rap Sheet)

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