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Vincent Calvino Abroad

It has been a good month for the Calvino series. My Spanish publisher Ediciones Paidós has released Kicking Boxing en Nirvana. My author copies arrived today. Looking at the covers from various editions, each publisher and their art department have come up with different images.

No, this isn’t a new Calvino title. It is the Spanish edition of Spirit House. In England, Atlantic Books has released a paperback edition of Spirit House.

And In the United States, a paperback edition of Spirit House will also be released by Grove/Atlantic in August 2008. The month of August will see Amazon offering Spirit House as a free download for the Kindle. If you’ve not read Spirit House and own a Kindle, this is a good chance to download a free copy.

The Risk of Infidelity Index will come out in Italian later this year and in Spanish in 2009. The English trade paperback edition of Risk has been receiving favourable attention in the UK press.

The Risk of Infidelity Index (Atlantic, £10.99) is the first (there are nine in total) of Christopher G. Moore's humorous and intelligent Vincent Calvino novels to be published in the UK. Calvino is an engaging Bangkok P.I. who thinks he is about to smash a major Thai drug piracy ring when things start going pearshaped. It's a great introduction to the seamy side of Bangkok where the author has lived for 20 years.” –The Daily Mail (July 2008)

“There's plenty of violent action and some memorable low-life characters, but the real star of the book is Bangkok, which Moore, a long-term resident of the city, brings to vibrant, sleazy life.” The Telegraph (June 2008)

And a week later also appearing in The Telegraph, “A vividly observed Bangkok” was selected as one of 50 best books for summer reading.

The Risk of Infidelity Index is a complex, violent, and high readable thriller.” –One80 News (UK)

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