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Vincent Calvino

I have been blogging less this week. The main reason is that I am working on the third draft of the new Calvino novel. The progress is slow but sure and I expect to have the draft finished by the first week in March. I envy the writers who can write five pages, revise, move on, and then at the end of the book, hit the save button and send it off to the publisher. I pull apart the text of each draft and rewrite substantially. It’s like performing an autopsy of an unknown species, each time you look at what should be a femur and find out it is sticking out of the head, you know it is time to go back and look at the skeleton again. The main thing is to make certain that the skull is connected to the backbone.

The Risk of Infidelity Index was reviewed in the Houston Chronicle, P.G. Koch wrote: “In time the book's vague, gossamer mesh of a plot will prove dangerously tight, with the elegant Khun Weerawat at its center. And presumably the faint whiff of misogyny/xenophobia one senses is just part of Moore's pitch-perfect Bangkok, from its churning after-hours melee of insistent yings to its hard-drinking farangs (foreigners), to the scary duplicity behind the ever-present Thai smile.”

Amazon, has a listing for the Atlantic Books paperback edition of The Risk of Infidelity Index The publication date is listed as 1 June 2008.

News reports indicate an end to the writers strike in Los Angeles may come as soon as Friday. That would be welcome news. Anyone with a book in development by a production house knows that not much will happen until the writers are back at their desk with a new contract. That includes the film deal for the Calvino series by Keanu Reeves’ production company and Steve Samuels.

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