• Christopher G. Moore

Video Equipment

Several people have asked about the video camera that I used in Vietnam and Hawaii. It is a small and inexpensive camera called Flip.

It cost about $125 and may be one of the best investments I’ve made recently. I carry it everywhere. There is a new upgraded model that has high definition. If I were to buy it again, I’d spring for the upgrade.

There are several excellent features. First it is small and fits easily into your shirt pocket. Second it is very easy to use. Third, it has a USB port built-in so that you stick it into your laptop and upload the footage and are ready to shoot again. Fourth, it shoots up to sixty minutes. Fifth, no fuss with batteries as it charges through the USB port straight to the camera.

This is a piece of technology that could have interesting implication for law enforcement issues. Abuse of power, corruption, intimidation, etc are very difficult to prove unless of course you have video footage of an incident. Then, as they say, the images speak for themselves. In repressive regimes where human rights are under siege, the Flip could be an equalizer.

One thing: Amazon won’t ship the Flip to Thailand. Why? Ask amazon.

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