• Christopher G. Moore

Verdict in Toby Charnaud Murder Case

According to the Nation, Judge Sarayuth Busayanawin returned a verdict of guilty in the murder case against Toby Charnaud’s ex-wife Panatda Raolueang and the three Thai men she hired to kill her husband. All four defendants in the murder case were sentenced to life in imprisonment.

Evidence was heard that Toby Charnaud had learned of his wife’s affair with a Thai police officer, and the affair along with her gambling addiction led to his decision to divorce her.

Panatda’s defense, if it can be called a defense to murder, was that her husband had become involved with another woman and this made her worried about the welfare of their son. Or in other words, “I was worried about my son, even though I was sleeping with someone else, and gambling away all of the family money, so I had to kill my husband.” That defense failed to convince the court that Panatda should be acquitted. Two defendants were acquitted for lack of evidence.

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