• Christopher G. Moore

Update on Foreign Language Editions

The German audio rights to Zero Hour in Phnom Penh have been sold by my publisher Unionsverlag. In a couple of months, German readers will be able to listen to the book. The French edition of Zero Hour in Phnom Penh was released on February 8, 2006 by Quebec based published Polar Presse. As French is an official language of Canada it may not be appropriate to place this notice under Foreign language editions. Although the rights sale was negotiated by my Paris based French literary agent.

A language rights deal can be complicated to negotiate and, in this case, difficult to place in the right category. Polar Presse is also planning a series of TV advertisements for the book.

The Turkish language of edition of Gambling on Magic is now ready and will be out in Istanbul in March 2006.

As for many authors, the London Book Fair in early March is an important event. Literary agents and publishers meet across the table and, if one is lucky, then a deal is made for one of your books.

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