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Typos and other nightmares lurking to mug authors

A number of my earlier novels suffered from typos. It was as if the ghost of a long dead printer had returned and left his mark. Not one or two typos, mind you, but many. In the last few years, Heaven Lake Press has hired professional copy editors and proof readers in England and the USA for my novels. The result has been a dramatic reduction of mistakes. Not that the typo ghost can ever be defeated. Some have suggested this is because the publisher is in Asia.

Oh really. Next time you form the opinion that only New York publisher publish books which are typo free, feel free to remember the book cover above.

Philip Roth’s publisher of American Pastoral is hardly an Asian publisher. The publisher is Vintage, one of the major US publishing houses. Where is the typo? Have a look at the blurb on the front cover. (courtesy of POD)

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