• Christopher G. Moore

Tonight with Tom Mintier

On Friday 8th June I am being interviewed on Tom Mintier’s talk show. Tune in to True Channel UBC news cable station at 22.10. The program last an hour. My interview will last about 20 minutes.

I will be talking about my books as well as discussing my deal with a New York publisher that will see the Vincent Calvino series launched in both North America and Great Britain. That’s right, no need to read that sentence again, Vinny will be coming out in New York and London starting with two-books in January 2008.

Tom is an old Asia hand and ex-London Bureau Chief for CNN. Many people will remember Tom from his coverage of hot spots along the globe. He is a one of a dying breed of journalists who started out covering the Vietnam War and became an expert on Southeast Asia political affairs. Like his colleague John Lewis, ex-Tokyo Bureau Chief for CNN, Tom reminds me of an era when expertise, communication skills combined an in depth knowledge of the region mattered.

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