• Christopher G. Moore

The Year of Living Dangerously

2010 is that year in Thailand.

There is a Thai expression which goes like this: ???????? /mik-ka-san-yee.

This is a way of recalling a time of chaos and unrest. Life turns upside down, the world spins out of control, and emotions are running high. Uncertainty and danger are dance partners crossing the floor in front of our eyes.

mik-ka-san-yee is used to talk about a mythical era. A time of apocalypse, a time when hidden forces march forward, enveloping the land. mik-ka-san-yee is a distant event that happened long ago, and despite the upheaval the world didn’t end.

History is cycles, wheels spinning within wheels. Some might say the mythical time of mik-ka-san-yee has broken free of the ancient past and huddles, waiting in the present.

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