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The Road from Barcelona To Bangkok Part 1

Entrance to Semana Negra 2007 Gijon, Spain

From 3rd to 21st July I was in Spain. I started off in Madrid for two days. Then boarded the “black train” along with other writers, artists, musicians, journalists, and TV broadcasters for Gijon. The train arrived on the afternoon of 6th July. We were greeted by a band, photographers, onlookers and local protestors who were seeking the release from prison of two men (who apparently had already been released), but never mind. The Semana Negra or Black week is held for 10 days every year and draws a crowd of over all million visitors. Writers give presentations about their books at venues set up at the Festival.

Authors Peter Straub and Ernesto Mallo at one of the many dinners held during the festival.

Authors from North America in attendance included Peter Straub (Julia, Ghost Story, ShadowLand), Samuel R. Delaney “Chip” (novels The Einstein Intersection, Nova, Hogg, Dhalgren, and the Return to Nevèrÿon series), Lucius Shepard (The Handbook of American Prayer, Viator, Life During War Time).

“Chip” Delaney in residence at Gijon, Spain

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