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The Risk of Infidelity Index: The reviews

One of the risk of writing are reviews. After you finish the long process of writing, rewriting and editing your novel, it goes out to others who judge whether you’ve been wasting your time. When reviewers judge a book a success, it all seems worth the effort. When readers judge a book worth opening their wallet, then a writer feels it is worth keeping a series like the Calvino series alive.

On 9th February 2007, two reviews of Risk are in the local newspapers.

Legendary book reviewer and Night Owl reviewed Risk in the Bangkok Post, saying, “…this book shows that Chris Moore is at the top of his form.” You can’t ask for a better final judgment than that.

And over at the Pattaya Mail, Lang Reid, who has been penning book reviews for years, he says about Risk, “exciting, enthralling and entertaining writing.”

Interestingly Lang Reid commented on the short period between the happening of the coup and the publication of The Risk of Infidelity Index. He wondered if I had taken a speedwriting course.

Most of the story had taken place during the time of the demonstrations and protest. At that time no one could predict where those demonstrations would lead. When the coup did happen, it presented an excellent chance to allow scores to be settled in a way that would seem inevitable.

The original ending lacked the coup element. If the coup hadn’t happened, the ending would lacked the emotion kick, the dramatic resolution of overthrow of what was divisive, hated government. As tanks rolled onto the streets of Bangkok, I suddenly had the chance to bring that political event as a natural outcome of the story. Good crime fiction novel should be able to create a seamless series of events. When reality served up a coup I saw the chance to pay off the chain of events that started on page 1 with an event that few novelist have a chance to weave into a book.

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