• Christopher G. Moore

The Risk of Infidelity Index – Calvino update

I will finish the second draft in two weeks. Meanwhile, the new cover design has been approved. I appreciate the many comments and suggestions the first cover drafts received. The views of my readers are an important consideration. We went from blood in the water to a target with bullet holes in it. That is all part of the creative process. I am fortunate to have a publisher that at least listens to my views.

On the 27th of July, the second draft of Risk will go out to a select number of readers who have previously read and commented on early drafts. In this part of the process (which is crucial) I can strengthen the book by taking into account the comments by readers who want to love the book. If that reader finds flaws, then an author must be open minded enough to have a second look and find a way to mend the flaw. That is the function of the third draft (at least for this writer).

It is not unlike the inspection of a house which the builder says is ready, only when you go through the downstairs, you find a few things missing, say a door to the back garden, a place for the fridge, a staircase that leads to nowhere. They want to love the house but they know they can’t live it until the things have finished, unfinished, or forgotten have been fixed.

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