• Christopher G. Moore

The Risk of Infidelity Index

Writing the 5th draft of any book is a challenge. Keeping the entire structure in one’s mind is one of them. And maintaining the same level of excitement after going through many drafts is another. The motive is compelling: to make the story tight, concise, and the characters believable, consistent and evolving. Nothing substitutes for the hard, critical work at the final stages of a book. The professionalism means an exacting standard, and constantly scanning for the prose for passages that seemed so essential at the time of writing but simply don’t move the story forward.

Unless it serves the story or reveals an essential aspect of the character, the passage must go. If it doesn’t go, the reader won’t go on. Ultimately writing a novel for publication means that you place yourself in the “reader’s” armchair. My readers don’t care how long it took me to write a page or a chapter. Either the writing holds their interest and makes them want to read on, or they give up, put the book down, disappointed, and they will remember that disappointment the next time my new book appears on the bookstore shelf. During the 5th draft, I am continually asking whether I am delivering to my readers a novel that will make them want to read it again; to tell a friend to buy it; or to buy a copy for a friend.

I’ve learned a great deal about structure, plot, narrative drive, and character in writing the 9 novels in the Vincent Calvino series. In The Risk of Infidelity Index, I try to capture something about Thailand during the last year. A lot has happened during this period. The story line builds upon those events and hopefully reveals the depth of emotion felt by many who live in Thailand.

Cover designer Jae Song has come up with a new cover for The Risk of Infidelity Index, which incorporates a photo taken by internationally award winning photographer Ralf Tooten.

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