• Christopher G. Moore

The Risk of Infidelity Index

That’s the title of the new Calvino novel. Here is the first draft of the cover design. I’d appreciate hearing your views about the cover. Any comments, suggestions, recommendation that you have, please send them along.

Part of Risk is the story of a group of expat wives who hire Calvino to follow their husband whom they suspect are cheating. Not that such a thing could ever happen in Bangkok, except, of course, in fiction. One of the husbands turns up dead. That does, of course, happen.

In reality, there are indexes for about everything under the sun. IQs, AIDS, heart disease, income distribution, literacy, education, etc are the subject of surveys and indexes. The conceit here is that there is an Index for infidelity, ranking countries and cities around the world. The index in the new novel has placed Bangkok near the top of the list of places where wives ought to be worried about the faithfulness of their husbands in the face of multiple temptations. The expat wives in Risk are keen readers of weekly updates to The Risk of Infidelity Index. They are obsessed like investors who habitually check stock indexes. And for the same reason, to check on their view of what makes them feel safe and secure.

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