• Christopher G. Moore

The Risk of Infidelity Index

The response to the front cover was overwhelming. I had many good suggestions, and a lot of encouragement and support. The cover designer has gone back to the drawing board, and this is the new front cover for The Risk of Infidelity Index. The red is gone. In place of red is a sea of blue.

Writing the second draft is the best part of the process. You already know the story, the plot and sub-plots, the arc of the action and the relationship between the characters. At this stage, it is the fine work of knitting together the elements so that they are seamless, providing texture and nuance, and adding necessary backstory. The terror of not being certain where the story is going or the motive of the characters vanishes. The first draft is always a nightmare of endless choices. In the second draft the fog has cleared, and you no longer worry about getting stuck by turning down a dead end road.

Let me know whether the new front cover is one that would make you want to pickup the book from a bookstore shelf.

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