• Christopher G. Moore

The New Under Class: Like Beer, No Like School

The Spiegel Online has excerpted from “War for Wealth: The Global Grab for Power and Prosperity” by Gabor Steingart. The book has been a best seller in Germany. It has yet to be translated into English. Though Spiegel has done an English translation of an essay for their online magazine.

The author claims that the modern proletariat have no interest in education, forming into associations to advance their causes, and vote on either the extreme right or left, switching between the extremes with no difficulty. We live in a time where there is de-industrialization in Europe and North American. So far no one has focused on the long-term political consequences of this process. But it seems that TV watching and drinking on the holding pattern for the new underclass waiting for some political genius to use them to gain power. They have disappeared into their own world. But for how long will they stay inside dreary flats nursing king sized grudges?

“The poor of today watch television for half the day. These days, television producers even refer to what they call "Underclass TV." The new proletariat eats a lot of fatty foods and he enjoys smoking and drinking -- a lot. About 8 percent of Germans consume 40 percent of all the alcohol sold in the country.”

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