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The availability of my earlier novels has been a problem for many years. The new technology has come to the rescue. The new format is called an ebook. The best known provider of ebook downloads is Amazon’s Kindle reader. My Calvino novels published by Grove/Atlantic in New York are on Kindle.

The Land of Smiles trilogy was published in the early 1990s in Thailand. A Killing Smile, A Bewitching Smile and A Haunting Smile are set during one of the most chaotic times in recent Thai history. All of the books remain in print. Alas, they have not been widely available outside of Thailand.

Now things have changed. There is a new way to deliver and read books.

You can download the entire series on a Kindle for about the same price as ordering one of the books online from Thailand.

The first in the trilogy is the classic: A Killing Smile. It can be downloaded in the States for $8.95.

A Bewitching Smile is available for a Kindle download also for $8.95.

A Haunting Smile can be downloaded for Kindle for $8.95.

Hopefully the ebook edition (which is the same as the trade paper back edition) will bring a new group of readers to the Land of Smiles series. Pass the word along to friends and family.

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