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I am a writer, a reader and a collector of books including some prized first editions. My first edition collection is modest. It includes The End of An Affair by Graham Greene (signed). Collecting books is a passion for many readers. For others it is an investment. Whatever your motivation for buying a book to add to your library price is always a consideration.

Since my books were published by various Thai publishers over the years, and the print runs were modest by large publishing house standards, in recent years, the second hand market has seen my books register eye-popping prices. Below is an example of the some of the prices. A reprint edition of Spirit House (as seen below) on offer for $449.

You can order the same edition of Spirit House is for sale for $13.95 plus shipping, it would seem there is a price disconnect.  Or if not, I suggest you order half a dozen, sell five and use the profit for a trip to Thailand, and read the 6th copy on the plane on your way to Bangkok. Maybe people receive comfort ordering from a bookseller located in America, Canada, England or Germany and fear dealing with a Thai supplier. The reality is that thousands of my books have been sold to readers overseas without a hitch.

There are regular letters to the local English language newspaper about unfairness of the dual pricing system that drives many foreigners into a fit of rage. Here’s the reverse of that situation: where a foreigner can pay a price up to 32 times higher in the States for a book than if she or he bought the same book through the Thai publisher.  With that can of spread, one would have thought book buyers would have taken notice. But I am not so certain that has happened.

If you are a book collector, it is worth having a look at the prices below.

Moore, Christopher G. Spirit House Heaven Lake Press. - 9748669483 Visible shelf wear -- may have some notes/markings on pages.      [Bookseller: Beagle Books] Buy From:     AbeBooks - $ 449

Moore, Christopher G. Spirit House Heaven Lake Press. Good 9748669483 Visible shelf wear--may have some notes/markings on pages.      [Bookseller: Alibris] Buy From:     Alibris - $ 239

Christopher G. Moore A Haunting Smile Satisfaction Garantie! Unser Kundenservice steht ihnen gern zur Verfügung in deutsch und in englisch. Anlieferung 10 bis 15 Werktage Weltweit.      [Bookseller:] Buy From: - $ 297

Moore, Christopher G. A Bewitching Smile (Land of Smile, Book 2) Heaven Lake Press. - 9748578704 Visible shelf wear -- may have some notes/markings on pages.      [Bookseller: Beagle Books] Buy From:     AbeBooks - $ 228

Moore, Christopher G. Waiting for the Lady Heaven Lake Press 2005 - This is the true first (Thai) edition of Moore's sixteenth novel in paperback. Very rare in this form, with a red stamp to the title page (publisher's mark? Author's mark? We don't know), but otherwise new. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]      [Bookseller: Partners & Crime] Buy From:     AbeBooks - $ 225

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