• Christopher G. Moore

The Departed

The city woke up to find the Chief of Police had been transferred to an inactive position. This is the Police Chief for the entire country. For those living in the West that translates as a “soft” firing. Think of someone being shot out of the cannon but instead of smashing against a wall, he lands against a large foam mat where he stays until reaching 60 years old and then slides down with pension in hand into total oblivion.

Apparently Police Chief Kowit learned he was “out” of the job from the press. That is one way to deliver a pink slip in Thailand; it avoids the confrontation that Thais hate. Who wanted to be the guy who walks into the Chief’s office and says, “Hey you, clean out your desk. You’re outta here in five minutes.”

Apparently there was no volunteer.

Police Chief Kowit was quoted in The Nation, “We cannot choose the way we were born. I’d like to tell policemen to be patient in performing their duties.” And then he finished by sayings, policing was “a cursed profession.”

On the subject of the departed police chief, there is a movie I’d give five stars.

Last night I saw the film The Departed . Also about policing. Directed by Martin Scorsee (who if he doesn’t get an Oscar the Members of the Academy ought to be put in a velvet bag and sandal wood paddles used to dispatch them.). Martin Scorsese Set in Boston, the police are after a local gangster (Jack Nicholson) and there is a mole in the department feeding Mr. Big with every move the cops are making in advance. Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio square off as two cops looking to take down the mob. Who’s dropping the dime? Betrayal and murder have never been so graphically wedded in the dance Matt and Leonardo do in this film. If you want to look at conflict, police culture, and great dialogue, this movie is for you.

After the movie ends, you come back to what Police Chief Kowit said on his exit: policing is a cursed profession. That could become a bumper sticker in a lot of countries.

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