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The Corruptionist: Kevin Cummings’s 2nd December review

The Corruptionist Kevin Cummings’s 2nd December review

Loved "The Corruptionist". Has all the characters we have gotten to know, including Bangkok and the icy urinal at Lonesome Hawk. Nice homage to George in the beginning as new characters were developed. Perfect.

Takes a farang to places he would like to go, but hopefully has the good sense to avoid (unless the basement ...of... his brain overrides logic), like protests at government house and educates to the point of uncomfortableness re the real life 2003-2004 war on drugs.

Calvino fans are sure to appreciate the casual references to characters and storylines from other books, a la Kurt Vonnegut. Intelligent, complex and modern ending. I never predicted one damn thing right, as it should be. But what I like most about your writing is that the throwaway lines are all keepers.

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