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The Corruptionist

The Corruptionist By

Christopher G. Moore

Heaven Lake Press

2 January 2010

The Corruptionist puts a new twist on Chinese designs on Southeast Asia. Set during the most turbulent times for Thailand’s political system. The 11th in the Calvino series, The Corruptionist is a provocative work that is based on firsthand experience gathered from the heart of the demonstrations in Bangkok and illuminates what has evolved into a global political story.

The Corruptionist is part mystery, part political espionage thriller, and a cross-cultural romance.

Through the eyes of Vincent Calvino, the novel captures the under currents sweeping through the capital of Bangkok, unfolding multiple layers: from the political intrigue, love story, and expatriate lives caught up in the chaos. Moore is passionate about Thailand and his multidimensional characters create a depth that will make the book a classic.

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