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Two novels in the Vincent Calvino series are now available in mass paperback editions. The books are priced at $9.95 plus shipping. You can order The Big Weird and Pattaya 24/7 from the order page on my website.

The Big Weird (fifth in the Calvino Series)

A beautiful American blond is found dead with a large bullet hole in her head in the house of her ex-boyfriend. A famous Hollywood screenwriter hires Calvino to investigate her death. Everyone except Calvino’s client believes Samantha McNeal has committed suicide.

“The Big Weird is an excellent read, charming, amusing, insightful, complex, localised yet startlingly universal in its themes.” —Guide of Bangkok

“A good read, fast-paced and laced with so many of the locales so familiar to the expat denizens of Bangkok.” —Art of Living (Thailand)

“Like a noisy, late-night Thai restaurant, Moore serves up tongue-burming spices that swallow up the literature of Generation X and Cyberpsace as if they were merely sticky rice.” —The Daily Yomiuri

Pattaya 24/7 (eighth in the Calvino Series)

Inside a secluded, lush estate located on the edge of Pattaya, an eccentric English-man’s gardener is found hanged. Calvino has been hired to investigate. Calvino finds himself pulled deep into the shadows of the war against drugs, into Code Orange alerts to flash across the screen of American intelligence.

“Calvino does it again...well-developed characters and the pace keeps you reading well after you should have turned out the light.” —Farang Magazine (Thailand)

“Intelligent and articulate, Moore offers a rich, passionate and original take on the private eye game, fans of the genre should definitely investigate, and fans of foreign intrigue will definitely enjoy.” —Kevin Burton Smith, January Magazine

“The best in the Calvino series . . . The story is compelling.” —Bangkok Post

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