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Tabloid Tokyo 2

101 Tales of Sex, Crime, and the Bizarre from Japan’s Wild Weeklies, Tabloid Tokyo 2, (2007) pp. 286 complied by Mark Schreiber For anyone who thinks that globalization has made the world flat Mark Schreiber has a surprise for them. He has brought together a rich tapestry of strange happenings in offices, homes, trains, streets and bedrooms of modern Japan. The tales are plucked from weeklies like Sukhan Shincho, Shukan Bushun, Flash, Friday, Tsukuru and Shukan Gendai. For those who fear the erosion of the divide between the East and West, Schreiber has substantial evidence of the void between the two. The collected articles are recent (2002-2006), short and to the point.

Here are some of the article titles:

“Air Sex” Champ Goes for KO Tantric Menu Sparks Sexual Appetites Shibuya’s Love Hotels All Spent Feral Women on Prowl for Profit

In Pornstars’ Secrets of Longevity, Mayu Obara, a 30 year old veteran of more than 300 xx-rated films explains how she prepares for a film. “My job, for what it’s worth, is to show acts of sex,” she reflects. “Even if my male counterpart has skilled techniques, I don’t feel right unless I put my heart and soul into my work. So I always study the script carefully before each shooting, really concentrate on what I’m doing. Then I can let myself go.”

In Girls Go Gaga over Goodfellas, we learn how Japanese women love the tough guy gangster approach. One ex-gangster giving advice is 67 year old Ishihara author of Yakuza Love Techniques cites his qualifications to give advice on mating ritual as having gone with a couple hundred dames and married a few of them. His catchy advice includes, “Even if she catches you playing around on the side, never admit it. See, that’s a way to show her respect. But if she keeps hassling you about, give her a good smack.”

Yeah, right. Try that in New York, London or Vancouver and see what happens. From predatory women lurking in cocktail bars of Tokyo hotels to mixed communal baths, Schreiber has opened a world on loving, living, and getting along; his selection of articles add a large range of material about the mystery of sex and life and along the way are large dabs of humour and wit.

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