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Sunday Writers Breakfast in Bangkok

On Sunday 22nd February I will have breakfast with Timothy Hallinan and Steve Martini in Bangkok. Tim writes an exciting series staring a journalists/private investigator set in Bangkok. Tim’s latest novel The Fourth Watcher has received many rave reviews, and he has a third novel coming out this year.

Steve Martini’s latest novel is Shadow of Power. This is Steve’s ninth Paul Madriani legal thriller. A number of his novels have been on the New York Times bestseller’s list.

Living in Bangkok has many advantages and compensations but it is difficult to make the case that it is a “hub” of crime fiction or any genre of fiction. Writers living here normally need to travel to New York or London to meet other authors who are published by major publishers. Sunday should be a treat. Occasionally, despite all evidence that physics is against such an event, the mountain does manage to go to Muhammad.

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