• Christopher G. Moore

State of Emergency: Part IV

On Wednesday evening 7th April, a State of Emergency was declared for Bangkok and surrounding areas. This makes the 4th such ‘state’ to be announced by a Thai government since 2008.

Apparently there is a legal distinction between a ‘normal’ and ‘serious’ State of Emergency. The prime minister has declared his State of Emergency declaration is in the serious category.

The emergencies are coming as often as super sales at the shopping mall. The first three states of emergency were a disappointment. Duds. There was much fury but no storm damage. In other words, nothing much happened. No one could figure out where the emergency was.

It is difficult to know whether this ‘serious’ state of emergency will lead to circumstances where violence and repression are more obvious. A number of political pundits are talking about the government imposing censorship on TV, radio and the Internet. The walls of information will close in, narrowing the space to judge events and players.

The first casualty is always the truth.

The second casualty is the innocence of those who believed their truth would prevail.

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