• Christopher G. Moore

Speaking and signing in Thailand

Pattaya Expat Club: Pattaya

On Sunday 7th December 2008 I was the featured speaker at the Pattaya Expat Club. I talked about the new Calvino novel Paying Back Jack before about 200 club members. They are always a good audience with questions after the talk. Richard Ravensdale, the club organizer, performed his magic in putting together the program. He had hitchhiked from Nepal (at the time of the airport occupation and closure) in order to get back to Thailand in time for the talk. That is what I call dedication. The club president Niels Colov interviewed me for People TV.

Texxas Lonestar: Washington Square, Bangkok

I will be signing copies of Paying Back Jack at the annual Christmas lunch at the Texxas Lonestar Bar in Washington Square, Bangkok. The event takes place on 24th December 2008, starting at 2.30 p.m. The Christmas lunch is always a special occasion at the Lonestar. This is the first year without George Pipas to entertain the guest. The lunch is turkey, ham, stuffing and all of the trimmings. And it is free. If you are in Bangkok, please stop passed to have some turkey and say hello.

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