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Spanish Edition of Zero Hour in Phnom Penh

This month the Spanish Edition of Zero Hour in Phnom Penh will be released by Paidos as Hora Cero en Phnom Penh. The publisher is releasing three novels in an international fiction series which include mine and novels by Charles McCarry and Peter Temple. Paidos have a video clip on their website about the authors:

In a previous post I wrote about the desirability of a writer entering the world, experiencing life in its full wonder, confusion, misery; strolling the back lanes, taking risks, exploring the over looked places and people, and observing the fine detail of what life offers. I am reading Charles McCarry's Old Boys. McCarry is ex-CIA and when it comes to describing tradecraft, the reader has the chill of discovery what happens on the ground. There is a scene with a bomb hidden in the cistern ready for the flush. The description of this scene is so convincing as to suggest it was one of those nuggets pulled out of the pocket of actual experience.

At Detectives Without Borders there is high praise for Australian Peter Temple's The Broken Shore:

"Peter Temple can convey better than any other crime writer I know the sense of loss created when neighborhoods and rural areas gentrify."

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