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Second hand copies, First editions, and Collectibles

Price of most things is related to their scarcity. As most of the English editions of my books have been published by Heaven Lake Press in Thailand and are not widely available outside of the Kingdom, it isn’t unexpected to find the relative scarcity reflected in price. When you buy a second hand edition, though, make certain you know what you are buying. Most of my novels have gone through many editions. For example, A Killing Smile has gone through 8 different print runs. Only the original White Lotus edition 1992 is a first edition. If you pay for a first edition and it is a later edition, you’ve overpaid. I have yet to see a special edition of A Killing Smile or Gambling on Magic on offer. The main point: if you are buying a second hand copy make certain you understand that price is correlated to whether the book is a first edition or a later printing.

You can order directly from my website new copies of reprints of most titles. Once you have a look at the secondhand market, the $15.95 plus handling looks like a bargain.

I've had emails from readers asking about the price advertised on the Internet, secondhand bookstores, and rare bookstores where second hand copies of my books are on sale.

It is nearly impossible, for example, to find a copy of A Bewitching Smile for under $50 (prices I found on the Internet run from $63 to $426); Pattaya 24/7 runs around $33.00 to $50.00; Red Sky Falling from $27 to $75; Cut Out from $78 to $152.00; Cold Hit runs from $37 to $52; Comfort Zone runs from $67 to $83; a copy of Chairs can set you back $113, and you can pay up to $200 for a copy of A Killing Smile.

Or you can order most of the above titles from the website and pay $15.95 plus shipping. Is there a hedge fund that would like to buy all the back inventory?

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