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Like many published authors, I receive emails asking how the sender can find a literary agent to represent their work. No question that this is a tough time to break into publishing. Not that, as far as I can see, was there ever an easy time.

The first hurdle for any writer is to find an agent. Without an agent there is a slim to none chance that a publisher will consider you book. Thirty years ago, you could have submitted an over the transom manuscript. Today I doubt modern offices have transoms.

In August, Writer’s Digest published an article by Chuck Sambuchino titled: 28 Agents Who Want Your Work.

The article assembles an impressive list of literary agents who are open to submissions from new writers. You don’t need to have a “connection” or a “platform” or “celebrity status” to be considered. What you need is a really compelling book. If you have one, then here is a place to start in the publishing process.

A tip of the hat to Lee Goldberg creator of the Monk book/TV series.

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