• Christopher G. Moore

Saudi jewels back in the news

Nearly twenty years ago a Thai servant in Saudi made off with a great amount of precious jewels. Within the next year, several high-ranking Saudi officials working in Thailand were murdered. In Zero Hour in Phnom Penh, the Saudi jewel disappearance formed an important subplot.

The Bangkok Post has reported:

“The Criminal Court has approved a warrant for the arrest of Abu Ali, Pol Col Tawee said. The murder took place in front of Sriwattana Apartment on Yen Akat Road in Sathon district on Feb 1, 1990.

About 10 minutes earlier, two other Saudi diplomats were fatally shot. They were Fahad AZAlbahli and Ahmed AAlsaif. Investigators believe the same gang was involved in the killings.”

In one year the statute of limitations will run on the murder charge. The killer will become the grasp of the law once that happens. Will the cops catch the killer before the approaching deadline? No one knows.

The Bangkok Post ends its report as follows: “Both the murders and the theft of Saudi royal jewellery have soured relations between Thailand and Saudi Arabia for almost two decades.”

A high price has been paid for the missing jewels.

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