• Christopher G. Moore

Readers Review of A Haunting Smile

Robert Roberts has sent along his review of A Haunting Smile.

“What with Thailand in the news recently for a pedophile, a military coup, a monetary misstep and having an ability to reverberate far beyond its borders one could do a lot worse than read this book for an understanding of an important country often misunderstood and maligned. Though it is a work of fiction A Haunting Smile deals with the 1991 military overthrow of democratically elected government and subsequent violent suppression of the popular broad-based response to it by the Thai people.

Throw in a Abbie Hoffman type bonking the protagonist's daughter, a Milo Mindbender of the sloganed t-shirt industry, a gunrunning St Germain, the licentious atmosphere of Bangkok's sex industry and you have the makings of a very fine novel with a mature author well-acquainted with Siamese ways.

Eerily the time lag between the coup and the violence of that time mirror the present situation. Let's hope the bloody events recreated graphically and emotionally in this book are not repeated.”

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