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Paying Back Jack, the 10th novel in the Vincent Calvino crime series, will be available to ship after 15th November. The first 25 readers who pre-order PAYING BACK JACK, will receive a signed copy. As investments go, a signed copy of JACK may yield a dividend in the future.

Here’s a preview of the new Calvino novel:

A retired general had a deadbeat tenant. Calvino is hired and though he get the money, the tenant is filled with the bitterness that only blood can wash away. But this is only the beginning of the bad blood. Rick Casey, an American, is after justice for the man who murdered his son in Thailand. Casey hires Calvino to follow Somporn’s minor wife. He is the allegedly mastermind the murder but he’s untouchable as an influential businessman, running for public office. As a Thai election approaches, Calvino’s investigation draws him into a murky world of private contractors, UN officials, and local politics. Calvino’s on a collision course with a professional team whose goal is to reduce a cosmic debt owed to a dead man named Jack.

Only 100 copies of Paying Back Jack can be shipped outside of Thailand. If you miss out on buying 1 of 100 copies of this edition, you’ll must wait until the Atlantic Monthly Press edition comes out in the Fall, 2009 or buy a copy in a bookstore in Thailand. Because of the restriction on the number of copies shipped overseas from Thailand, orders of Paying Back Jack are limited to no more than 2 copies per person.

You can pre-order you copy by clicking on:

Once you click through to the order page, you will find JACK under Latest Releases.

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