• Christopher G. Moore

Pre-Order The Risk of Infidelity Index

For those of you looking for the next Vincent Calvino novel, it is now possible to pre-order The Risk of Infidelity Index. You will need to scroll down the page until you come to the heading Pre-Publication Orders.

The new Calvino is on schedule for release in January 2007 and as soon as the books are received from the printer, your copy will be sent via UPS. The US dollar doesn’t buy as much fried rice as it did a year ago. The price of the new Calvino is US$15.95 plus shipping. The book price is in US dollars is now less than the price in the bookstores in Bangkok (which is Baht 595).

The blurb on the back cover The Risk of Infidelity Index reads:

Major political demonstrations are rocking Bangkok. Chaos and fear sweep through the Thai and expatriate communities. Rumors of coup d’état are in the air, as Calvino steps into the political firestorm as he investigates a drug piracy operation. The piracy is traced to a powerful business interest protected by important political connections. A nineteen-year-old Thai woman and a middle-age lawyer end up dead on the same evening. Both are connected to Calvino’s investigation. The dead lawyer’s law firm denies any knowledge of the case. Calvino is left in the cold. Approached by a group of expat housewives-—rattled by The Risk of Infidelity Index that ranks Bangkok number one for available sexual temptations—to investigate their husbands, Calvino discovers the alliance of forces blocking his effort to disclose the secret pirate drug investigation

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