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Pool And Its Role in Asian Communism

A new novel by Colin Cotterill was reviewed and given the thumbs up by Nicholas Grossman in Thai Day The novel is something of a first blending humor in a story about child trafficking. Grossman’s summary of the story is: “…a laugh out loud and poignant story about a sharp-tongued, skinny, trafficked Lao woman who teams up with an incredibly dense, obese African-American widower to solve the mystery of her past. Set in 1970s America…it’s an implausible buddy tale narrated n a colloquial American voice that mixes countrified slang and self-deprecating humour.”

Pool and Its Role in Asian Communism (2005) is 301 pages long, published by Asia Books and retails for Baht 450 in Thailand or US$11.54 if ordered from the Asia Books website.

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