• Christopher G. Moore

Peter Temple on Crime Fiction

Peter Temple has been on a hot streak. His last novel The Broken Shore won a CWA Duncan Lawrie Dagger.

In a recent interview by Bob Cornwell, he goes into the nuts and bolts of writing crime fiction. Here’s a taste from the pot of porridge he offers up:

“And I’ve always started off with the idea that I could write a really ‘big’ book. But as time goes by, the book gets smaller and smaller. My grasp always exceeds the vision. And the vision almost always includes political corruption, financial corruption, questions of morality, of behaviour or decency. Because I think those are issues you should write about, if you are a crime writer or not. In fact if you are a crime writer you have more licence to write about them than anybody else. So I haven’t been interested in writing plain police procedurals or, even Ross Macdonald-type personal explorations of family issues. I love them but I prefer to do something bigger. Basically what you see in the books is a shrunken version of an ambition.”

It turns out that Peter and I have the same Spanish publisher (Paidos)

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