• Christopher G. Moore

Pattaya Expat Club: The Speech

On Sunday 28 January 2007, I gave a talk about The Risk of Infidelity at the Pattaya Expat Club. here were many familiar faces among the 200 people who showed up to listen to me talk about Vincent Calvino. I had been asked by several people to post my speech. I would if that were possible. I spoke from a barebones outline. The main theme was the original of Vincent Calvino and how I have come to know the private eye over the past 9 novels amounting to more than a one million words. I also talked about Calvino’s relationship with his secretary Ratana, Colonel Pratt and his side-kick McPhail.

I also talked about the background to The Risk of Infidelity. Sharing how I came up with the original story, and the context of the story –the action takes places during the demonstrations that led up to the coup on 19th September. After the speech Niels Colov interviewed me for Pattaya People cable TV and the interview will air this week.

This photo of the audience of the Pattaya Expat Club may seem to contain faces similar to those in the photo that ran with the Lonestar Bar book signing. I am told by the photographer this is merely a coincidence. That authors tend to attract a core audience that is often very much alike.

Special thanks to Niels Colov and Richard Ravensdale and volunteer staff of the club for their assistance in setting up the event.

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