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On Sunday 20th December 2009 I will be speaking about The Corruptionist and The Vincent Calvino Readers Guide at the Pattaya Expat Club this Sunday.

From the Pattaya Expat Club newsletter:

“Our Main Feature on 20 December is the foremost expat novelist interpreting Thailand, Christopher G Moore, who has two new books – an epic detective thriller ‘The Corruptionist’ set against the Bangkok backdrop of anti-government occupation of Government House, plus a pocket Reader’s Guide to the Calvino private eye series. It is Christopher’s 8th annual literary talk to the PEC members. He will discuss the new novel for half the feature and has requested an on stage interview with Richard Ravensdale from PEC, one of his tv and book review critics, to probe his work. He will also do a book signing. The Corruptionist is Baht 499. The Vincent Calvino Reader's Guide is Baht 249. Published in Thailand by Heaven lake Press. Buy a copy of either book on Sunday, and get The Risk of Infidelity Index and/or Paying Back Jack for 50% off retail price. Other selected backlist titles will be on offer with a good discount as well. A good time to stock up on ‘Calvino’ titles that you haven't picked up.”

The time: 11.30am. (Doors open 1030am) All Nationalities are welcome.

Location: THE GRAND SOLE HOTEL, Second Road, Pattaya. Mid-way between TOPs Central Road and Big C 2nd Rd, on the right hand side.

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