• Christopher G. Moore

Pattaya City Expat Club

On Sunday 13 December 2005 I spoke before about 100 members of the Pattaya City Expat Club. I read from Gambling on Magic, and later signed books. There were a lot of questions from the floor, including how I go about planning, writing a book, and how long it takes to finish a draft. I also spoke about the connection between gambling, magic and creativity.

In the days when I had to take a visa run every three months, I set myself a goal: complete a draft and the visa run was the reward.

Pattaya has grown beyond all recognition. Many new shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants have opened. The real estate market is bubbling with expats buying condos and houses. Pattaya is place full of energy, hustle, and excitement. Having set one of the Calvino novels in Pattaya, I’ve been asked whether I have another novel in the works that might be, at least in part, once again take place in Pattaya. Certainly as a locale for stories concerning expat lives, it is difficult to think of a better place for a writer to find inspiration.

Ralf Tooten © 2005

Ralf Tooten © 2005

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