• Christopher G. Moore


The Thai version of Pattaya 24/7 is available in bookstores throughout Thailand. Though I suspect you will have to find it at a Thai language bookstore. I doubt whether the English language bookstores in Thailand will have it on sale.

The Thai edition of Pattaya 24/7 is on sale for Baht 200. Below is the cover art. Lots of bullet holes, lots of leg; all the elements required to catch the eye. The neon signs advertising entertainment establishments in Pattaya should also attract attention.

This is the fourth Calvino novel that has been translated into Thai. Zero Hour in Phnom Penh , Minor Wife , and Spirit House were the previously books in the Calvino series to be translated into Thai.

In September 2007, the Thai publisher Siam Inter will release the Thai version of A Killing Smile . I have spoken with the translator and editor, and he a veteran of 188 translations, and he has become a fan of the books. In Thailand, the translator’s reputation is important as many readers trust the judgment of the translator from reading his prior work and look for the translator’s name when buying a new translation.

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