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New York in November

In November I will be in a New York for a week. I will attend the special ceremony for Barney Rosset on the 19th of November.

The New York Times ran a good piece by Charles McGrath about Barney Rosset titled: Publisher Who Fought Puritanism, and Won.

“On Nov. 19 Mr. Rosset will receive a lifetime achievement award from the National Book Foundation in honor of his many contributions to American publishing, especially his groundbreaking legal battles to print uncensored versions of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Cancer.” He is also the subject of “Obscene,” a documentary by Neil Ortenberg and Daniel O’Connor, which opens on Friday at Cinema Village.”

Barney is a publishing legend and has been to Thailand a number of times with his wife Astrid. He fought major censorship cases in the United States that cost him a personal fortune. But he never gave up the fight.

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