• Christopher G. Moore


The Spanish Edition of Spirit House is titled Kickboxing en Nirvana.

Kickboxing en Nirvana will be released on Thursday 15th May. This is edition is 368 pages and is sold for EURO 18. Why the title change for this edition? The Spanish publishers,EDICIONES PAIDOS IBERICA, S.A.were concerned that Spirit House was too close to Isabel Allende’s House of Spirits

The cover art for the Atlantic Books edition ISBN 9781843547914 (UK edition) of Spirit House is provocative and moody. The UK release date is 1st July 2008. This edition is also available in Australia from Penguin on 29 September 2008.

The Grove Press edition (US edition) creates a template for the Calvino series in the trade paperback editions. Notice the image is different from the final cover art. I am learning that it takes a considerable amount of effort and co-ordination for many people in the publishing house to get the right cover. I’ve had the good fortune of a publisher in both the USA and the UK to invite my opinion on both covers and to participate in decisions about the cover art. The US edition is available on 13 July 2008.

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