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Murder Suspect in Bangkok

A 41-year old American, John Mark Karr, who was working as an English teacher at a Bangkok international school was arrested on Thursday 17 August in connection with the brutal murder ten years ago of JonBenet in Boulder, Colorado. The newspapers have carried this front page in both the Nation and The Bangkok Post. Karr was quoted as saying, “I was with JonBenet when she died.” And, “I love JonBenet.” Her death in his words, was “an accident.”

The story raises many questions. Why did he wait ten-years to make this confession? Is this one of those cases where someone who is crazy claims to have killed to get the limelight? Karr’s ex-wife has him in another place at the time of the murder. And it should come as no surprise that Karr is reported to be interested in writing a screenplay about himself and the murder.

The Colorado authorities will no doubt sort out the facts from the fiction in this case. If he did murder a six-year girl, then Karr deserves a fate similar to his victim.

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