• Christopher G. Moore

Monday Morning, Bangkok

I am one third of the way through the second draft of The Risk of Infidelity Index. It amazes me how the process of writing a second draft elements of the story and character arise as if my magic. The creative process is a mystery. We all draw from our own private well of experience, drop the bucket, wait to hear the splash, then slowly pull it back up and examine what is inside.

I feel this time out, the story is stronger, and the new characters well defined. Each time I come across one of the new characters I ask myself what do I really know about this person? Looking at her or his actions, motives, and desires, what is there in the history of the person that makes these elements natural and understandable. A person in fiction, as in real life, can only act unpredictably if we have a base line of knowledge of makes the person’s actions predictable in the first place.

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