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Mom Tri’s Boathouse Writer’s Night with Jim Newport

A public forum featuring English language authors is infrequent in Thailand. So when such a rare event does happen, it is worth drawing to your attention. On Wednesday 8th October 2008 from 19.00 to 21.00 hours, you can (if you are in Phuket) go along to hear author Jim Newport talk about his new book Chasing Jimi.

Newport is the author of the Vampire of Siam trilogy and is also an Emmy-nominated production designer. He will read from his latest novel Chasing Jimi - a fictional account of a year in the life ofJimi Hendrix. 

He’ll also read from his entertaining ‘behind the scenes’ journals on the making of Bangkok Dangerous* and the TV series LOST.

I’ve heard Jim Newport speak and sing. He puts on an entertaining and lively show.

Location: Mom Tri's Boathouse - On the Beach at Kataa 076 33 0015

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